Fundraiser Program

This Professional Car Wash Features Green & Clean environmentally friendly wash solutions. Using this Professional Car Wash will reduce environmental impact in OUR community.


  • Water, chemicals, dirt and oils are processed properly through the municipal sanitary sewer system, helping to sustain our lakes and streams.
  • Many naturally renewable, earth friendly chemicals are used here to help sustain our environment.
  • Recyclable packaging used here helps eliminate waste in our landfills.
  • Water conservation methods used here helps to save one of our most precious natural resources, WATER

Did you know?

You already know that we turn out the cleanest and shiniest vehicles on the Olympic Peninsula, but did you also know that using The Carwash is the most environmentally responsible way to clean your vehicle?

It’s true; a professional tunnel like The Carwash requires far less water to clean your car than you would need if you washed it at home in your driveway. Plus, unlike driveway washing that has soapy water and debris run off into the storm water system, all the water used at The Carwash is either reclaimed (75%) or sent directly to our sewage system without being released untreated into the environment.

So, get your club or organization to commit to saving and protecting our environment while you raise funds!! Please contact us to make arrangements to purchase your fundraiser package. 

# of Washes The Carwash Discount Package Cost Suggested Price Per Ticket Funds raised for Organization
50 $150.00 $8.00 $250.00
100 $275.00 $8.00 $525.00
200 $400.00 $7.00 $1000.00
500 $925.00 $7.00 $2,575.00
Over 500 See us $7.00 $$$$

Please contact us to make arrangements to purchase your Fundraiser package:

Call 360-379-5717 or come by at 515 Rainier St.